When you apply to a college or university, you will be asked to write an essay to get to know you, your goals, your academic expectations and future plans. An essay plays a huge role in the selection of students, so you should take it seriously. A student at one of the most prestigious universities, Harvard University, shares brilliant essay advice with our readers to ensure that you are always remembered.

Write a unique essay. It is through this essay that Admissions Officers can communicate with you and hear your own voice. Many applications are similar and mention equivalent achievements. Highlight others through the essay. Do not try to pass yourself off as someone else, imagine that your friends and family have been given 1,000 pieces of writing and they should be able to find your essay.

Write the essay yourself, don’t try to seem like someone else, the Admissions Officers will notice it immediately.

Choose a topic that is meaningful to you. It doesn’t mean you have to play on emotions to tell them how your pet got into trouble. Don’t praise yourself, there’s a resume and your academic achievements. You have to choose a topic that you can reveal while showing off as an individual, to distinguish yourself from a huge list of applicants. Write simply in an accessible and understandable way, avoid professional vocabulary.

Start writing. Do not put off writing your essay “for later”, you risk not being able to send it in time. There’s nothing wrong with creating an essay from scratch, gradually new ideas will come to your mind and you can improve your work to make it more attractive to the reader.

Write as much as you can and edit it. Write down literally every idea that comes to your mind. Even if it seems absurd to you. Later, you can choose the most important one. Read your essay aloud, correct any flaws you encounter until you are proud of your essay.

Show your essay to other people. Read your work to your friends, parents, relatives. Everyone will gladly agree to help you and share your advice.

Check it again. Look carefully at your essays for grammatical errors, they shouldn’t be there, because they can ruin your impression of you.

Take into account all the recommendations and comments you have received from your friends and make sure your essay is original and accurately remembered by the admissions staff.

How do you learn to write the perfect essay? For applicants, there are a huge number of collections of the best essays, whose authors study at top institutions. The best way to learn how to write essays and other essays is to practice more, to write essays all the time. Invaluable help will be provided by the recommendation of a competent teacher, who will be able to point out the shortcomings and work with you to achieve the goal. You can learn how to write an essay correctly and stay in the memory of admissions officers during your university preparation program.