As a student, there are numerous things to learn, and this gets even complicated when you get to high school and college where there are multiple subjects to cover, and each comes with many assignments. Most of the tasks are based on something that the students can relate or anything relevant trending in the news.

In the history subject, there are many essay topics that you can be assigned, and there is are a high likelihood that you will not graduate high school or college without handling an assignment where you required to write an essay on Canada. To some, this might be a piece of cake, but to those who find history quite complicated, they may find the topic to be challenging.

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What are some of the Relatable Essay Topics?

Writing an essay on Canada may not turn out to be as complicated as you may think since the country is incredible with outstanding aspects related to its diverse economic development, political system and mining industries which are some of the essay topics you can cover. To get a better grade in your essay, you have to choose a topic that you are well conversant with or one you sure you can deliver good points.

You also have to choose a topic you can easily break down in a way you not only outline what you hear or read but also one that is relevant to the subject, and you should also have a reason for choosing it.

Major Topics to Feature in Your Essay on Canada

History of Canada
Economic History
Politics and Government
US-Canada Relations
Immigration in the country
Essay Topics on the History of Canada
The nation’s history since 1867
Its history through 1663
Its history from 1663 to 1713
The cultural history of the Making of French Canada
A comparative history between the Indians in Canada and the United States
Ethnic history and marital assimilation in the country from 1871-1971
The revolt of French Canada, 1800-1835
The origins of Canadian Confederation, 1837-1867
Canadian Economic History Essay Topics
Overview of the economic history
American economic impact on the country
Impact of politics and public debt to the country’ economy
Labor policy and labor economics in the nation
Essay on Canada’s Politics and Government
Stephen Harper’s conservative revolution
Barriers to women’s political participation in the country
Is nation’s political culture changing?
Can the relationship between the Canadian parliament and courts be termed as ‘dialogue?’
Is there official bilingualism in the country?
How do parties choose their leaders?
Essay Topics on US-Canada Relations
Foreign and domestic aspects of the political alliance between the US and Canada
Expanding the partnership; State and Provinces in the US: Canada relations
How Franklin Roosevelt contributed to the Canadian –American security alliance
American national security and economic relations between 1945 and 1954
Trade dispute settlement policies between Us and the country in the 19th century
Essay on Immigration in Canada topics
The Country’s ethnic history and marital assimilation
Post-war immigrants
The context of Belgian settlement in Western Canada
Indian immigration into the Country
Irish famine immigration to the Nation
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